A Revolution In Sports Massage

The Enterprise Massage Roller is a new innovative handheld massage roller

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Ovill McKenzie

Commonwealth champion Ovill McKenzie understands the importance of sports massage. After seeing the plans for the Enterprise Massage Roller, Ovill gave his full endorsement to the product.

The Enterprise Massage Roller will be used in a vast number of sporting industries.


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Nathan Junor

Professional boxer Nathan Junor, is one of our newest ambassadors for the Enterprise Massage Roller. Nathan is currently ranked #8 in Spain and is a regular sports massage client of Tom’s

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The Design

Expertly crafted by industry professionals

4 Different Grades

Reduced Friction

Portable Design

The Enterprise Massage Roller has been designed by Tom Walker to incorporate 4 massage grades; Ranging from a light free flowing massage to a deep tissue massage. From working in the industry for several years, Tom was frustrated at the current products on the market and wanted to create something that players and the public could use to simulate the effects of a massage.

Tom has worked hard to create a product that restricts the movement of the massage ball on top instead of a pincher movement to ensure more force is applied from the shoulder (similar to that of a massage).

As of December 2019, we are working on a final stage prototype before making the product available for purchase.

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Tom Walker

Tom Walker

Sports Therapy Expert

Tom Walkers journey started started at the University of Gloucestershire. Tom gained extensive experience working alongside a number of professional sports teams including Swindon Town FC & Gloucester RFC to name a few. From his experience as a sports masseur, he discovered all products on the market were clumsy, uncomfortable and often unable to correctly provide muscle relief. His idea grew and the Enterprise Massage Roller was developed. We are currently taking experessions of interest – be one of the first to use this revolutionary new product.